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29 Oct 2016

Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr Linda Burgess

Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr Linda Burgess, learning to cook Bombay potatoes at the newly opened Sylhet restaurant in Barnsley. “Delicious food and a great team”.

26 Oct 2016

Barnsley first premium, traditional Indian curry house

The wait is finally over. Barnsley first premium, traditional Indian curry house that offers a complete package opened its doors to the general public for the first time on the Wednesday the 26th of October 2016 .

The opening ceremony which was conducted by the respective Mayor of Barnsley was generously attended by a rich array of celebrities and key community figures. As well as having the opportunity of sampling the stunning food and absorbing the heavenly environment, guests were able to soak up some rather interesting live performances and enjoy the evening in company of local and national celebrities. Harry Gration (BBC Look North ), the veteran Cricketing Umpire Harold Bird, MP’s, Councillors and A List Celebrities from Bangladesh.

Situated in Kingston, inside the former Kingston Working Men’s Club, Shylet Palace is the only Indian Restaurant in Barnsley that has a purpose built stage ‘where live performances will play a central role in making the Indian Dinning Experiences within the South Yorkshire Region, a Memorable One’.

Business proprietor Miron Rahman who already holds a successful track record of running Indian restaurants strongly believes that his new venture will be offering something rather explicit to all visitors. The love and passion his award winning chef holds coupled by front of house staff who are heavily decorated with hospitality and catering awards coupled with Shylet Palace’s very unique deco will  according to Mr Rahman ‘revitalise the  Indian Dinning Experience’.

Shylet Palace

Barnsley’s very own Palace. Shylet Palace where every bite brings with it a tantalising and mouth watering experience. Situated in Kingston, Shylet Palace brings a breath of fresh air with it. An elegant dining experience, a sophisticated cosmopolitan atmosphere, modernism with subtle hints’ of retroism combined with traditionalism all in all making your every visit a sublime and memorable.

25 Oct 2016

Jalfrezi, the new Curry King

Some years ago Chicken Tikka Masala turned up from India and stole British’s hearts. Since then its status as the nation’s favourite dish has been indisputable. However it wasn’t the only title it conquered, it also became the most popular takeaway, overtaking the fashionable pizza and the beloved hamburgers.

But now it seems that our taste in curries has finally moved on, and that CTM (as it’s fondly known in the industry) is being replaced. Obviously, after so long time it still has a place in our hearts, but accordingly to Chaat! Magazine, Jalfrezi, a much hotter dish, is the strong candidate to be British’s new favourite curry…. Read more